We have 95 different sport protocols to identify strengths, weaknesses, efficiencies, and symmetry.

Your body movement starts in your feet.

Whether you are crushing rough terrain on your mountain bike, sprinting at a neck breaking pace, or standing on skis 12 thousand feet in the air, your body movement starts in your feet. While there is an ideation in the athletic community that says “pain is weakness,” athletes do not need to live in pain. Creating a unique, custom-fit insole that is not only specific for your sport and particular movements, but your own body is an investment in yourself and your performance. (Technical aspects highlighted here or just bullet points with basic information)

Custom insoles can enhance your performance, agility, and help you achieve your goals

“Investing in Yourself Is the Best Way to Find Success.” ~ Warren Buffett

Everyone has a “why,” and it simply means what drives you? As an athlete, you are most likely constantly looking ahead to achieving that next goal and personal record. You most likely put in an extraordinary amount of time or effort to achieve your goals. While goals can certainly lead to success, some things are simply out of an athlete’s control such as the blueprint of their body and how it functions.


Biomoto Sport Specific Analysis

What is your sport and what are the prominent movement determining success?  In Addition to the Biomoto Analysis our panel of international sport science experts have protocol standards for sports of all types.  Widely uses, high speed video is an important component of our analysis.  More importantly we have the technology to measure 60+ points inside each shoe calculating force, speed, and function.  Why? In a impulse report showing the left leg is slightly slower and distance covered by the same leg is less a focused training program incorporated with team sport directors adding symmetry to your movements and optimizing performance.

In addition to the BIOMOTO Analysis:
  • Measurement of joint flexibility and functional range of motion throughout the body
  • Sport specific movement protocols designed by our movement experts based on the most up to date sport science research
  • Using Mobile Data technology measurements left to right can be measured numerically, identifying inefficiencies and potential increases in performance. Important for both performance and injury prevention
  • Outcome reporting: data sharing of charts, force measurements, jump dynamics, footwear choice, and training enhancements
  • Periodic retesting for progression and performance gains is also available
Biomoto sport chart

Example: We had a high-level hockey player in for a sports analysis. Finding inefficiencies across his left to right movements, it became evident he was stronger turning to the right. This was so apparent that we were able to predict such a turn 90% of the time. A simulation was then performed where,  without his knowledge, we planted a person to block his turns to the right, shifting the focus to his weaker side. With this in place, he was not able to perform the task as effectively. Though he was fast enough to overcome at his current level, what about the progressing to the next level of play or potential?

The Basis of your engine – Biomechanics

Your Engine – The Natural Understanding of Life, People, Exercise and Sport.

In the holistic natural understanding of man between body and soul, physique and psyche, fundamental biomechanics as a branch of biophysical forms is an important pillar of healthy and performance-oriented movement. As an independent discipline of physical education and sports sciences, medicine and orthopedics, it forms the special basis for our activities. Forces, the foundation of mechanics, play the paramount role: in the universe and thus in us humans. In particular, we look at the entire body during our analysis and having the foot ground contact point the information gathered is greater than ever before. Couple these force measurements with tried and true movement and analysis patters and we have the most comprehensive analysis process on the market. Questions of general athletics, movement patterns of multiple sports and basic medical aspects are incorporated in our work for the athlete’s benefit. The well-being of our athletes and prevention and promotes longevity with excellence.

BioMoto USA



Force – momentum – torque – energy – pressure – distance -speed – acceleration – mass – inertia

All of which are essential criteria of our BIOMOTO SPORT ANALYSIS calculated utilizing the latest in technology. Central is the expertise of our technicians and how to optimize performance through proven movement protocols. Cause-and-effect principles and deep understanding in distribution of forces in the body and responses in the game, match, or event must be understood. Recruitment of muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments rely on the physiology of the central network and data center (the CNS Central Nervous System of the Brain) ensures adaptation and optimization. The foot-ground contact point is therefore of particular importance to us. We take a holistic approach to the body and movement analysis is therefore the basis of our work.


  • Mass – amount of matter that a body contains
  • Inertia – property of matter that causes it to resists any change of its motion in either speed or direction


  • Force – any action or influence that moves a body or influences the movement of a body
    • Internal – muscle contraction, tension from ligaments or muscle lengthening
    • External – gravity or an external load


  • Road
  • Mountain
  • Gravel
  • Triathlon
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Road
  • Trail & Cross Country
  • Track – Distance
  • Walking
court-sports (1)
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
track-and-field (1)
  • Sprints
  • Hurdles & Steeplechase
  • Jumps (Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, High Jump)
  • Throws (Shot Put, Discus, Javelin)
skate-sports (1)
  • Hockey
  • Rollerblade
  • Roller Ski
  • Roller Derby
winter-sports (1)
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Snowboard
racket-sports (1)
  • Tennis