All individuals are unique, and each insert is a truly personal product! In addition to all conventional, bedding and supporting inserts, we can manufacture for you:

Proprioceptive insoles that influence Neuro-physiological patterns

What can make this insole form particularly effective for you?

  • It can be muscle-soothing and muscle-stimulating.
  • It can make muscles faster and stronger.
  • It can improve foot, muscle, and joint problems throughout the body.
  • It can aid in the prevention of injuries.
  • It can improve motion sequences and gait patterns and therefore enhance athletic performance.


Insoles are a large part of our success in repairing overall gait issues. We have changed lives within 30 steps using our sensomotoric insoles.

Sensomotoric Insole: The main concept of the Sensomotoric insole is that of functional improvement. By applying pressure in specific areas, to either increase or decrease the muscle tone of the foot, we are able to improve the neural responses to ground forces. This affects both posture and gait as movement patterns are repeated. Our lightweight and durable EVA provides both support and comfort during the retraining process.

Scientific explanation of Sensomotoric Insoles

Everything in our body is information. We know that our movements are complex mechanisms of acceleration and braking.

These movement patterns can only work if they are discovered and practiced. Any movement we consciously control can only work when we discover, repeat and automate it.

You do not need to think about which muscle you want to activate when you want to move your index finger. This was discovered as a baby, repeated and stored in the autonomous sensomotoric movement system, so as in a computer where you count two and two and the software does the computing all by itself.

This sensomotor system works because our body contains so-called proprioceptive nerve organs. The following sensors are important for our work:

  • Sensors under the skin for pressure, heat, cold, etc.
  • Sensors under the inner surfaces of the joints for the positional sense of all bones relative to one another;
  • Sensors on the tendons for the reflexes;
  • Sensors on the muscular wall for muscle tension;
  • Sensors giving stability information.

The sensomotor movement system now uses all the information to trigger proper movements. If, for example, you decide to go for a run, then the proprioceptive nervous organs give the position of the bones, the tension of the muscles, how close the shoe is laced, over the reflex arch to the cerebral cortex. This then provides information to the right muscles to help you get the right movements.

At every step, this means a million-fold exchange of information that works according to a well-established, automated pattern.


Performance Plus: mostly used by practitioners. Our Performance plus insole in a multi-density insole that places the heel into a neutral position while allowing the forefoot to respond in a more natural manor. We construct these so there is a stiffer heel cup for support and a softer forefoot for comfort. Our “plus” layer under the heel allows for a more comfortable heel strike while maintaining support at the navicular and the utmost comfort within the shoe


Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is an extremely elastic material that can be altered and molded to form a porous material similar to rubber, yet with excellent toughness.

Our milling process allows for custom formation of an insole that uses multiple densities for comfort, precision and durability. Simply no one else is providing this option to the athletic population. When appropriate, we produce a single density insole based on your needs.


Our Performance Custom EVA Insole has been carefully designed with the highest grade of materials. Blending durometers, dimension, and the rigidity of EVA is ideal for many athletes, no matter the sport.

CYCLING Custom EVA Insole

Cycling shoes by design are typically carbon, preventing unwanted resistance to the pedal stroke. Our insole is designed to capture the foot in what we call a “Relaxed Rigid Lever”. By capturing the foot in its natural lever arm an increased amount of force can be applied to the pedals. Multi densities are available offering additional support when necessary.

GOLF Custom EVA Insole

Designed to optimize weight transfer, increasing speed and leverage at the ground level of the swing. Lateral gait efficiency is directly affected by the position of the foot and how it functions inside the shoe. Capturing the foot in its optimal position promotes dynamic power and speed throughout the golf swing.

SKATE Custom EVA Insole

Similar to the Cycling Custom EVA Insole we need to capture the foot in its “Relaxed Rigid Lever” position within the skate. Often gel padding is incorporated in the boot to reduce pressure or blistering on the medial malleolus (ankle bone). The root cause is the collapse of the foot inside the boot creating a chain reaction inhibiting recruitment of the major muscle groups.