Advanced Motion Analysis to Improve the Way You Move

  • "It was a great treat as the bar velocity increased so dramatically from the first repetition of the first exercise. An increased transfer of power let heavier loads move farther and faster. I found myself much more stable and secure in my squat workout. I ran 2 miles easier than normal, great economy of motion, what a difference!"

    Ryan Persitza
    Ryan Persitza Fitness Enthusiast
  • “Just got off the bike with my new cycling insoles and for the first time in eight months, when my feet hit the ground, no pain!" A few weeks later, after training with his sensomotoric running insoles, Pete reported back that he had shaved an astounding 20 seconds off of his average mile time!

    Pete Metz
    Pete Metz Elite Kona Triathlete

Unique Process & Technologies

We have combined our vast experience with highly advanced, proprietary technologies to best determine the performance needs of your foot. Our unique live-action assessment results in 3x more information than what is currently used to assess your movement. Our interpretation of this data is then used to educate and guide you to a higher level of athletic performance.


Customized to Your Sport

No matter what your sport or activity, our expertise will maximize your efficiency of movement to bring forth your full potential. We also provide ongoing guidance and training techniques aimed at achieving your performance goals, in sync with your current training program.


Sensomotoric Insoles

The Sensomotoric Insole provides constant, precise feedback to your feet and results in the enhancement of muscle, tendon function and movement patterns. Our assessment and production precision is a fully integrated system. Well established in Europe, the Senosmotoric Insole is now an exclusive in the USA through BioMoto.