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Our analysis process has been refined over and over providing a dynamic view through our trained eye and the most advanced technology to capture the smallest of details while walking, running, jumping or testing agility.

Biomoto Analysis:

For everyday life – this analysis encompasses patterns of social behaviors both at home and in the workplace. Identifying consistent behaviors, the Biomoto Analysis is a collection of specific dynamic captures in high-speed video and advanced digital recordings to identify inefficiencies throughout the body.  Everyone should go through this process.


Biomoto Sport Specific Analysis:

What is your sport and what are the prominent movements determining success?  In addition to the Biomoto Analysis, our panel of international sport science experts have protocol standards for sports of all types. Widely used, high-speed video is an important component of our analysis. More importantly, we have the technology to measure 60+ points inside each shoe, calculating force, speed, and function. Why? In an impulse report highlighting the speed of muscle twitches, it shows that the left leg is slightly slower and covers less distance than the right. Through a focused training program led by team sport directors, symmetry is added to your movements and optimizing performance.


We had a high-level hockey player in for a sports analysis. Finding inefficiencies across his left to right movements, it became evident he was stronger turning to the right. This was so apparent that we were able to predict such a turn 90% of the time. A simulation was then performed where,  without his knowledge, we planted a person to block his turns to the right, shifting the focus to his weaker side. With this in place, he was not able to perform the task as effectively. Though he was fast enough to overcome at his current level, what about the progressing to the next level of play or potential?

In addition to the BIOMOTO Analysis:

  • Measurement of joint flexibility and functional range of motion throughout the body.
  • Sport specific movement protocols designed by our movement experts based on the most up to date sport science research.
  • Using Mobile Data technology measurements left to right can be measured numerically identifying inefficiencies and potential increases in performance. Important for both performance and injury prevention.
  • Outcome reporting: Data sharing of charts, force measurements, jump dynamics, footwear choice, and training enhancements.
  • Periodic retesting for progression and performance gains is also available.

Why Insoles?


Why Insoles?

Insoles are a large part of our success in repairing overall gait issues.  We have changed lives within 30 steps using our sensomotoric insoles.

Our first point of contact to the earth is through our feet.


  • Ground reactive forces
  • Gravity
  • Movement
  • Injury
  • Pain
  • On the court, field, trail, or on the road
  • In daily life
  • Power-speed- agility

In most cases, an outside source caused injury/pain

  • Automobile accident
  • Contact injury during sport activity
  • A fall
  • Repetitive motion at work or daily life creating asymmetry in movement
  • 3 days and movement patterns are re-trained for life

Another source may be needed to correct the asymmetry.

An insole

  • Non-invasive
  • Our insoles are based on the most comprehensive analysis on the market
  • Pin-point accuracy for true custom results

Physical Therapy

  • Gait correction and biomechanical responses between sessions
  • Our assessments offer different views captured digitally and in high speed with the opportunity to share and review our findings
  • Faster recovery


  • Analysis & Insole before?  It’s worth a try…