Biomoto Movement Analysis

Everyone must go through this component, even if interested in doing a sports analysis. This information is necessary for going above and beyond in your sport.

Technology for this type of analysis:


  • Palpation assessment of lower extremities’ functional movement, joint space, and muscle structure
  • Laser Scan of feet identifying specific landmarks, nuances, pressures, and problematic areas
    • Extremely accurate and used in the manufacturing and design of each device with pin-point accuracy


  • High speed video analysis in multiple planes at 70fps
  • Balance test with pressure plate identifying weight distribution and stability at 200fps
  • Dynamic gait test with pressure plate and comparison – Left to Right at 200fps
  • Mobile Data Analysis – Inside the shoe presenting plantar pressure and function within the respected footwear
  • A dynamic analysis is necessary for getting insoles. They are over 90% accurate and show how you move for a custom product that is unique to you. Walking, jumping, and other movements are used to test this.