• "The orthotics are helping a lot. My feet are feeling better and as a result my quality of life has improved. So, thanks!"

    Jack Hirt Outdoor Enthusiast
  • After receiving running insoles:

    "I ran 2 miles easier than normal, great economy of motion, what a difference!"

    After receiving sport performance insoles for competition weightlifting shoes:

    "It was a great treat as the bar velocity increased so dramatically from the first repetition of the first exercise, especially finding previous heavy loads easily traveling to solar-plexus-height in what used to be a heavy shrug."

    "All I can say is an increased transfer of power let heavier loads move farther and faster... I wasn’t working from the floor, but from the hang position with a load of 95Kg for what was previously a snatch shrug, turned into a high pull. Felt great in front squats as well... I found myself much more stable and secure in my squat workout."


    Ryan Persitza
    Ryan Persitza Fitness Enthusiast
  • "I started Ironman France extremely undertrained... The bike leg was 112 miles of brutal mountain climbs, something I’d never experienced. Without a doubt, the best thing I did before the race was work with BioMoto. They set me up on the bike in the best balance to optimize efficiency, power, and comfort.

    I can say with confidence, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the bike course, let alone had the legs after to finish the marathon!

    For sports performance... BioMoto USA is the only place I’ll recommend."

    Eric Beach
    Eric Beach Triathlete
  • Pete Metz is an elite Kona Triathlete who was looking to reduce pain and improve his overall performance. After being evaluated at Biomoto and custom fit with sensomotoric insoles for both his biking and running shoes, here is what Pete had to say:

    “Just got off the bike with my new cycling insoles and for the first time in eight months, when my feet hit the ground, no pain!"

    A few weeks later, after training with his sensomotoric running insoles, Pete reported back that he had shaved an astounding 20 seconds off of his average mile time!

    (Portions of Pete's actual evaluation are featured in our video)

    Pete Metz
    Pete Metz Elite Kona Triathlete
  • "John R Huenink at BioMoto USA was one of my first employers and helped instill the idea of innovative design thinking. He has helped me and the Project Echelon Racing Team stay injury free and optimize our performance. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from his work. Check him out today!"

    Eric Hill
    Eric Hill Project Echelon Racing Team