Foot Problems?

Problems from foot to spine lead your nerves and muscle systems to develop incorrect and often painful movement. Once repeated multiple times, this wrong movement becomes automatic.

Flat Foot? High Arch? Scoop?

Our goal is to solve these issues by simulating correct, natural movement patterns. We analyze your current movement with our advanced technology, and customize an insert that will force the desired correct movement.

Then, this movement is repeated and becomes automatic for you.

BioMoto Flow Chart

Our Preliminary Assessment

Observe – We need to know what has brought you to us, your history. And of course, we will watch you move to determine how best to improve your athletic performance.

Palpate – Hands-on, we feel for abnormal tissue tensions, joint motions or simply locate areas on the foot, ankle, and lower leg that are causing your athletic problems.

Body Measurements

We collect data that will be important in plan development, detailing the corrections for your improved sport performance.


  • Height and Weight
  • Where applicable (bike fitting / performance): Arm Reach, Leg Length and Torso Length

Posture Analysis

To view and note your posture, how you stand; are you balanced?

Process: Using a pressure plate, video and back scan, we measure any beyond-normal deviations from a neutral posture.

Video Gait (Walking) Analysis

We will need to see and record your WALKING.

Process: Using a pressure plate and video, we:

  • Collect real-time video
  • Use our Mobile Data technology at 200 frames per second to see exactly how you load your feet on every step.
  • This includes 8 phases of gait cycle and 40 different data points on the foot alone, as well as deflections or compensations through the ankle, lower leg, knee, hip, pelvis, and lower spine.

Video Running / Movement Analysis

We need to see and record you RUNNING / MOVING in YOUR SPORT. The data collected in this stage is extremely useful to us and valuable to you in enhancing performance.

Process: All tests are measured against sport-specific standards of performance.

  • Video analysis reveals issues not present during walking, that may be potentially injurious or limiting your performance.
  • Using our high-speed Mobile Data technology, we see exactly how you load your feet on every athletic move.

Physical Analysis of Foot, Ankle, Lower Leg, Knee, Hip, & Lower Spine

Static (stationary)

Our purpose here is to find out what’s Strong, Weak or Hurts.


  • Palpate structures.
  • Mark areas with the identified problems on the foot and note any other identified problem areas.
  • Using a 2-D scan of the feet while standing, pressure issues on the foot are revealed.

In Motion

This step allows us to PRECISELY clarify the problem areas you’ve come to us for help with, and its influence on your performance.

Process: to determine the degree of deficits, we use:

  • Active and Passive Range of Motion Testing
  • Manual Muscle Testing